Beginner Guide Concealer for Dark Circles

In this article, we will stress the importance of knowing what color concealer for dark circles to use. If there is one thing that indicates your hard work from last night, it would be the dark circles under your eyes. However, this isn’t something that you should be proud of because dark circles will make you look older and it can get unsettling to look at yourself in the mirror. Dark circles are dark blemishes around the eyes. It has many causes including sleep-deprivation, allergies, medications, anemia, fatigue, and hereditary. Whatever the causes are, it will surely affect your self-confidence in the long run. Do not fret because color concealer for dark circles is here, treat this concealer as your best friend and your days will be brighter.

If you are wondering what kind of concealer to use for dark circles, here are the points that you should know about:

What color concealer for dark circles to use?

Concealer is also called a color corrector. It is a type of cosmetic product that is used to hide dark circles, large pores, blemishes and age spots. Using the best concealer is key to achieving a perfect look. What color concealer for dark circles to use? The right color concealer for dark circles will cover discoloration by reducing dark pigmentation. You have to be careful though because the wrong application can draw attention to your eyes by making it obvious. The trick here is to know what kind of concealer to use for dark circles.

What Color Concealer for Dark Circles

What are the different types of concealer? 

There are different types of concealer. The right concealer will depend on your skin type or skin problems. For example, women with dry skin should avoid liquid concealers because the matte finish will escalate the dryness. For those with oily skin or large pores, they should not use stick or cream concealer because they are heavy and it can clog pores or make your skin appear shinier. You will think, “What color concealer for dark circles to use?” Well, you may need two shades or two types of concealer to correct your complexion.

The first step to purchasing a concealer is knowing the variants that are available so that you can make an informed decision. Here are the different types of concealer:

What Color Concealer for Dark Circles

Pencil concealer: Pencil concealers are created for small blemishes. When it’s used within your waterline, it will give an illusion of eyes that are awake and not drowsy, this trick will make you look well rested. You can apply this to emphasize the inner corner of your eyes.

Liquid concealer: Liquid concealer is by far the best type of concealer. You can find satin, matte and shimmer liquid concealers available in the market. A matte finish is popular because it lasts longer, satin finish is also good because it provides a natural look. So, what color concealer for dark circles? Shimmer finish is the best color concealer for dark circles because it’s easy to apply. Women prefer this variant because it doesn’t cake your skin and causes fewer breakouts.

Stick concealer: Stick concealers are best for almost all skin types – sensitive, normal and dry. You can find matte or satin finish; stick concealers are like lipstick because of its solid form. This concealer is recommended for under eye circles, as well as, nose or mouth discoloration. Although it hides acne blemishes, it’s not recommended for oily skin because it can clog pores.

Cream concealer: Cream concealers are best for normal or dry skin, and you can find satin and creamy variants. Cream concealers are thick, and it’s recommended for severe discoloration. Since this color concealer for dark circles is very thick, you have to be careful when blending; if not blended well, your skin can appear patchy and pale.

How to choose the right concealer? 

Now that you know the different types of concealers, you can finally decide what color concealer for dark circles is best. Remember that you choose concealer based on your skin type or skin problems. Here are some tips on selecting a concealer:

For dry skin: Don’t select liquid concealer, especially with a matte finish, because it will only highlight the dry texture of your skin.

For oily skin with large pores: Avoid choosing creamy or stick concealers because they have a heavy consistency. This means that it can clog and magnify the pores, along with leaving behind an oily residue.

What Color Concealer for Dark Circles

For minor skin discoloration: Consider a light to medium coverage.

For under eye area: While choosing what color concealer for dark circles to use, look for products that are two shades lighter than your natural skin tone; this should be done to avoid obvious and unnatural white circles around the eye area.

For face: Choose a concealer that matches the color of your foundation.  Refrain from using shades like pink, rose, white, peach, yellow and copper because it will be revealed through the foundation, thereby creating an unnatural look.

If you want to know more, there are many resources that you can consider. You can even ask the help of makeup artists, do not hesitate to ask for help if you need it.

What kind of concealer to use for dark circles?      

If you have problems with under-eye pigmentation, you should know that there are many colored concealers available in stores; but what color concealer for dark circles is best? Here’s a guide:

Lavender: Lavender will correct the yellow shades around your eyes.
Green: Green will correct the redness around your eyes.
Pink: Pink will correct the blue tone surrounding your eyes.
Orange: Orange will correct the purple, blue or gray hues that are around your eyes.
Yellow: Yellow will correct the deep purple or evident scarring around your eyes.

What Color Concealer for Dark Circles

As soon as you identified what color concealer for dark circles is best, make sure that you wear a foundation over the concealer because it can help to neutralize the color; this will give you a natural look.

How to apply?

Before you apply, make sure to know what brush to use for concealer. When you get ready for the day, looking at your dark circles is truly unsettling and stressful. So, you turn to under eye concealers, but sometimes it can do more harm than good. You need to remember that improper application will lead to a cakey look, which will make wrinkles and fine lines more noticeable. With this, it’s crucial that you know how to apply concealers properly.

The secret to having a natural or glowing look is to use the correct type of product, along with knowing how and when they should be used. Here’s what color concealer for dark circles should be used for:What Color Concealer for Dark Circles

Prepare the eye area: You need to put a light layer of moisturizer. If you have oily skin, choose a liquid moisturizer with a matte finish.

Apply primer: You don’t go straight to concealer or foundation without first putting on some primer. Primer is an essential factor towards the success of hiding dark circles. It will help the concealer and foundation stick to the skin. Use your finger to dab a small amount of primer under each eye and gently spread it using your ring finger.

Use foundation: When using foundation, you have to ensure that it matches the color of your skin. Put several dots on your chin, nose, cheeks and forehead area. Blend it smoothly. Be careful when you are blending under the eye area because it can wipe away the concealer.

Apply concealer: What color concealer for dark circles after applying foundation? Concealer is the most effective cosmetic for hiding dark circles. The color of the concealer will depend on your skin tone. Using your ring finger, dab a thin layer of concealer. You should pay attention to the inner corners of your eyes because the darkest pigmentation is present there. Keep on dabbing and swiping until you achieve a smooth and even layer of concealer over your dark circles.

Pat a powder: Regardless what color concealer for dark circles you use, you need to ensure that it will last longer and it will not fade throughout the day. To do this, you need a loose powder. The powder will prevent the makeup from caking; gently pat a small amount of powder under the eyes and the rest of the face.

Other helpful tips:

It will be helpful if you know other tips on what color concealer for dark circles. Here are some:

  • To blend, you need to secure a brush or sponge. This is to spread the concealer evenly until you don’t see any lines.
  • When applying concealer, draw a triangle under the eye and create a point facing the cheeks. It will create an illusion of a lifted face.
  • For medium to dark pigmentation, you need concealers in stick or cream variants.
  • To highlight an area of your face, you need to choose a concealer with a shimmer finish.
    What Color Concealer for Dark Circles


Now that you know everything about color and what color concealer for dark circles to use, you don’t need to worry about your dark circles anymore. With the help of the right concealer, things will look brighter for you. It will take time to get used to this process, but at the end of the day, it’ll be worth it. Don’t be afraid to invest in concealers and other cosmetics, if it makes you feel confident and looks good.

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