Best Concealers for Asian Skin Tones

If you want to fix blemishes or lighten dark areas of your skin, a good concealer can help create a flawless skin tone. Keep reading to know more about the best concealer for Asian skin.

Having a right combination of foundation and concealer is like having an Instagram filter on you all the time.

For people who live in Asia, the range of beauty products that are available in the beauty market is wide; because of the quality and value for money, there are only selected range of products that are preferred.

In this article, we will list the best concealer for Asian skin, but before that, you will need to understand the specifications of Asian skin tones.

Asia is the largest continent in the world, and it’s diverse not only through their physical appearances but also through the various cultures.

Even if you are a beginner or a makeup expert listed below are some of the things you will need to keep in mind about Asian skin tones.

Components of best concealer for Asian skin:

  1. Undertones and complexions are not always the same:The most common misconception people have while buying concealer is that to match it with your skin. It would seem like the logical choice, right? Wrong. Whether your skin tone is fair or dark or somewhere in between, you should know that you carry warm or cool undertones within your skin. People who have cool undertones have a pink or blue hue to their skin, and people who have warm undertones have a yellow or green tint to their skin. Many Asian women have strong yellow tones within their skin.  However, that is not a rule; you can be fair with warm undertones and dusky with cool undertones as well.
  2. Checking your undertone: A simple way to check your undertone is to stand under a bright overhead light and check the color of your veins on your forearm. If your veins have a green hue then you have a warm undertone, if they are blue, then you have a cool undertone.
  3. Finding the right concealer may not be that simple: There may be times where even if you know your skin tone and undertone, many stores may not carry your exact shade, in this case, don’t go for a shade that is lighter or darker because this will make your skin look pasty and caked up. Instead, you can mix two similar shades to get the exact color for your skin tone. If you feel like you can’t do it, then get a cosmetician to help you out.
  4. Finding the right concealer: Finding the right concealer for you may not be as difficult as you thought it would be, we often tend to over think and complicate simple matters when it comes to making up by talking to many beauty consultants only to find yourself more confused than you were at the beginning.

What to remember when choosing best concealer for Asian skin?

  • Choosing the right concealer depends on what works for your skin type and the concerns you may have.
  • The simple part about purchasing a concealer depends on the research that you put in.
  • For the under eye area, be sure that the concealer you choose is not more than one or two shades lighter than your skin tone, you can avoid looking pasty and cakey.
  • Before purchasing the concealer makes sure you know what type you want and what the requirements they should meet.
  • Do you want to erase dark circles?
  • Why don’t you use something hydrating?
  • Would you want a concealer that can stay in place and not run down your face the moment you step out of your house?
  • Once you have answered these questions, you will know what kind of product you are looking for.

Types of concealers:

There are three different concealer formulas that you can use based on your skin type and preference. Listed below are the three common formulations that are preferred by Asian woman:

Liquid Concealer:Best concealer for Asian skin

Liquid concealers are very versatile and work well with normal and oily skin types. It’s straightforward to apply, and you build up the coverage based on the amount layers you want to apply. Liquid concealers are available in many variants that have different finishes, like satin, glossy and matte. If you have sensitive and acne prone skin, then it’s suggested that you try a concealer that does not clog your pores.

Stick concealer:

Best concealer for Asian skin

Stick concealers are great for dry and sensitive skin, they are available in a satin and matte finish, and it depends on the product that you choose. A stick concealer provides a lot of coverage, depending on the coverage the buildup can go from medium to full coverage.

Cream concealer:

Best concealer for Asian skin

If you have dry or combination skin, then cream concealer is the product for you. You can build on the coverage and go from medium to full. You can choose a finish that is either creamy or satin. The texture is great to conceal any discoloration. The one drawback of cream concealers is that it tends to crease after wearing it throughout the day; you can prevent creasing by setting your concealer with pressed powder or a hydrating spritz. Now, without further ado let’s dive into the list of best concealer for Asian skin tones and types:

1    Clinique beyond Perfecting Super Concealer:

Best concealer for Asian skinClinique is very popular because of its skin-friendly formulas and the fact that their products are great for sensitive skin types, according to beauty experts; this is one of the best concealers in the Asian markets. It’s perfect for all kinds of Asian skin types and skin tones. The concealer is quite creamy and super bendable; it’s not heavy on the skin and lasts the entire day. You don’t need constant touchups with this product as it remains intact the whole 24 hours, even though sweat and humidity. The concealer is great for dry skin as it keeps the skin hydrated and soft and the coverage is close to flawless. Clinique also has an apricot colored skin corrector which is excellent for people with dark circles and discoloration is something that most Asians suffer.

2    Mac Pro Longwear Concealer:

Best concealer for Asian skinThe MAC concealer is amazing because it hides dark circles and blemishes and doesn’t settle in any fine lines or creases. The concealer matches skin tones from pink to yellow undertones; you should find a suitable match for your skin tone. The concealer has a liquid consistency, and you will have to apply and blend it quickly because it settles fast and once it settles it’s challenging to maneuver the product. You can use this product by pumping it at the back of your hand and then applying it to your face and neck. You can apply the product either with your finger or with a concealer brush and then blend it until it settles in your skin.

3  Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer:

Best concealer for Asian skinUrban Decay is another makeup brand that is popular with teens and young adults; their concealer is weightless and is very light on the skin. It provides medium to full coverage. The consistency is very thin, and you can adjust the buildup of the product on your skin according to your preference. This launch from urban decay is weightless and is not cakey.

4  Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer:

Best concealer for Asian skinThe next product on our list of best concealer for Asian skin, Nars is very popular for its concealers and foundations; their previous range of concealers was a huge success, and the new concealers have followed in the same footsteps as the previous range. The concealer has a creamy texture, and the finish will leave your skin feeling and be looking radiant. The pigmentation is pretty opaque and will cancel out any dark spots and dark circles around the eyes and mouth. There are plenty of shades that are available and will suit any skin tone.

5  Fenty Beauty Match Stix Concealer:

Best concealer for Asian skinThis is a stick concealer and its available in a chubby stick shape; for the creator and founder of this concealer range, pop superstar Rihanna, it was essential that women of all shades be included. The creamy texture is fantastic and super bendable, and it instantly adds brightness to the face and highlights your best features. It looks natural to carry off in the daytime and will last you through the day for a night out. The concealer has a whopping 20 shades, and it’s highly recommended because the colors match the majority of Asian skin tones.

6  Maybelline ‘Fit Me’ Concealer:

Best concealer for Asian skin

The Fit Me Concealer is considered as an alternative or even a dupe for the Nars concealer range. This product has similar packaging but also the same features of the Nars concealer; which makes this perfect for people who want quality products but don’t want to splurge on makeup. The one drawback about this product is that the consistency is runny and may not provide enough coverage for dark circles.

However, the finish is excellent and leaves your skin looking fresh and dewy, which is a look that we all aspire to have. The applicator wand allows you to build upon the product and it blends well too, this is why it has made it in our list of best concealer for Asian skin.

7  Clinique airbrush concealer:

Best concealer for Asian skinNow you know Clinique has to be amazing if it’s mentioned in this list twice! The airbrush concealer range is a brightening, light reflecting concealer that covers dark circles and any blemishes by creating an airbrushed effect. This brand of concealers is great for Asian skin tones; the undertone colors will work great with a lighter Asian skin tone, especially yellow, it will help soften any lines and shadows on the face. The brush application makes it super easy for you to apply the product.

8  Bobbi Brown Instant Full Cover Concealer:

Best concealer for Asian skinA bit on the pricey, we know, but this brand caters for all skin types; it’s perfect for Asian skin tones. The concealer has a sponge-tipped wand. This concentrated and highly pigmented concealer goes a long way. Try not to pile the product on, and use it economically.

9  Bobbi Brown Corrector:

Best concealer for Asian skin

Alum of the Bobbi Brown family is their color corrector; this product can be used alone without having any extra product piled on top of it. If you have dark pigmentation, this product is a must-have in your make up bag.

Sometimes if the pigmentation is too intense, then concealer on its own will not be enough to erase dark circles. In this case, use the color corrector and then dot on some concealer for the perfect coverage; this is why its one of the best concealer for Asian skin.

This product is considered as a Holy Grail for many makeup artists, because of its undetectable finish,

The above list has provided you with options on what concealer you can use as best concealer for Asian skin.


When applying concealer, you need to start with small quantities and create build up as you go; Asian skin tones will require that you apply the product correctly. Before putting on best concealer for Asian skin, you must always prep your skin with sunscreen and moisturizer; after your skin has absorbed them, then it’s time for primer. Primer is essential so that it keeps your makeup in place. The coverage that your foundation can’t provide can be fixed by applying concealer. You must apply your foundation first then your concealer.

During this process, you will realize that you won’t need much concealer. Make sure that you apply the product sparingly and don’t go overboard. Redness and dark pigmentation is reduced by using concealers, at least that’s the idea; you need to apply it to your nose and mouth and under your eyes.

In your makeup routine concealers should be an important part; they help create the illusion of perfect skin, boost your confidence, hide dark pigmentation; you will end up having a flawless makeup look. However, remember to drink plenty of water and keep your skin moisturized so that your makeup stays intact.

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