Does Concealer Go on Before or After Foundation

Well, have you asked yourself Does Concealer Go on Before or After Foundation?
Out of all makeup products, the trickiest ones are concealers. It would be a standing ovation for any woman who says, “I got it all right at my first try.” The truth is, most of us are on the other side, still struggling with how to buy and use concealers. When you decide to apply concealer, you might initially have a hard time using it. You would even have many questions coming to your mind about how to use it and which one to buy. Here’s answering your questions, like does concealer go on before or after foundation, and many more.

Does Concealer Go on Before or After Foundation
Do I need prep before applying concealer?

A big, emphatic yes! When you are applying concealer to cover your dark circles, you have to first prepare the area around your eyes for it. We all know that the skin surrounding our eyes is delicate and has tiny wrinkles. This means, if you directly apply concealer to your dark circles, you might witness creases and visible wrinkles. This is why, before you apply concealer to around the eyes, make it a point to moisturize the area. Use a nice, hydrating moisturizer for that.

Once you are done with moisturizing, you can do two things. You either directly apply concealer as a second step or go for the right color correcter. Color correcter helps in making the area around your eyes look bright and radiant. If you use a color correcter, you can finally apply your concealer over the color correcter. Does concealer go on before or after foundation? Well, you don’t need a foundation around the eyes. However, many people do apply the foundation.

Would one concealer Fix it all?

For anyone with no blemishes on the face, or having just one issue, one concealer would do. However, if you have both dark circles and blemishes, you would need two different kinds of concealers. Under eye, dark circles and blemishes are two separate issues and need their distinct fixes. This is where you use color correcting concealers. We will talk about color correcting concealers in the coming section.

What are color correcting concealers?

Color correcting concealers have recently become quite popular. Moreover, it makes sense. As already discussed, the color of blemishes, dark circles, acne spots, zits, etc., are very different in color. As you use one concealer for all these marks, the final color of the face does not make it one shade all across the face. Sometimes, the neutral concealer that you use might not even go with the color of your dark circles.

This is where a color corrector work to neutralize the color whatever area you want to conceal aptly. Color correcting concealers work on the principle of color neutralization. If you look at a color wheel, the color that lies opposite to another color can neutralize that color. For instance, if you have acne spots, green colored concealer would be able to neutralize the color since it lies opposite to red color on the color wheel.

Similarly, you can refer to the color wheel and figure out what color would be able to neutralize what color. Besides this, when you buy a color correcting concealer, also match whether a light or dark shade would be apt.

Should you always use multiple color correcting concealers?

Here, it depends a lot on what your facial skin is like. If you have many spots on your face beside dark circles, you can pick as many color correcting concealers as you need. There is no hard and fast rule as to how many you can use. It all comes down to this- whatever products you use, should help you fix what you want to fix. Many times people use many products and end up looking caked-up. Also, many times just a couple of wisely selected products can make you look flawless. We can imply that quantity does not matter. What matters is the need, quality of the product, and what you’d want to achieve.

How do I choose the right shade?

When it comes to buying neutral concealer, buying the right shade is essential. Going down a shade or up a shade can change how your face would look. The shade of the concealer should be as exact as possible since you would want the concealer and the blemish to blend in with natural skin tone.

For under eye concealers, it would be a bad idea to match the concealer with the shade of your skin (apparently!). Foundation shades are easier to crack as compared to concealers. For an under eye concealer, you should buy the one that is just a shade lighter than your skin tone. However, for a concealer that is supposed to hide blemishes, you should get the one that is of your skin tone.

As already mentioned, you can also look for color correcting concealers for different purposes. For people who are fair, pale shades of color corrector concealers would do. For people with a darker complexion, the concealer should be a little intense in color.

Does Concealer Go on Before or After Foundation –
What’s the right formula for me?

Pretty much like foundations, concealers also come in different consistencies. Each one works well for different skin types. For any newbie, it is prevalent to hit the store and pick what she sees. This is why you should first be sure about what your skin type is. After that, you have to figure out what concealer you should be buying. We have made a list of the kinds of concealers below to make it easier for you.

Stick ConcealerDoes Concealer Go on Before or After Foundation

Stick concealers work well for anyone who has sensitive and dry skin. If you have normal skin, you can still opt for a stick concealer. They come in both medium and full coverage, based on how you would want to cover your blemishes. The texture is creamy, and the stick is pigmented. The consistency of this kind concealer is such that it would clog pores. If you have visible pores and oily skin, stay away from a stick concealer.

Liquid ConcealerDoes Concealer Go on Before or After Foundation

For anyone who has oily and sensitive skin, accompanied by frequent breakouts, liquid concealers are good. You can build and work with the coverage of liquid concealer. Liquid concealers come in different finishes, like satin, dewy, radiant shimmer, matte, etc. If you have pimples, you can work with liquid concealers to cover them up without worrying about them looking caked up.

For oily skin type, liquid concealers with a matte finish are the best. The matte finish makes the skin look dry, and the oily element does not show. However, if you have relatively dry skin, you can use liquid concealer with a satin finish. This would deliver a more natural look. For dark circles, you can use radiant shimmer concealer. It would make your under eye look bright, which is what an under eye concealer is supposed to do.

Cream ConcealerDoes Concealer Go on Before or After Foundation

If you have dry skin, you can consider buying cream concealer, since it makes the skin aptly hydrated. You would generally come across a cream concealer packed in a little pot. These are good at concealing dark circles and discolorations. One thing that you should remember is to buy pressed powder as well when you are purchasing a cream concealer. Cream concealers have such consistency that they might cause creasing or wrinkles. However, you can deal with it by applying pressed powder over it.

What brush should I use?

Most people would naturally want to use their hands to apply concealer to spots and blemishes. However, you should use a brush to make sure you avoid causing accumulation of oil and bacteria in that area. Now that you know you should be using a brush, the next question is what brush. For concealer, you can use a small and flat brush. You can control the application by changing the pressure applied on the brush. Also, ensure you keep the brush clean. The purpose of using a brush for applying concealer is to ensure avoiding contamination. Make it a point to wash your concealer brush at least once every two days.

How to use concealer?

No matter what kind of concealer you use, the application for each concealer would be the same. As already discussed, you have to begin by moisturizing your face so that it is hydrated enough. As you moisturize your face, make sure your face doesn’t become too moisture laden. In this case, the concealer and foundation would fail to sit on your face.

After moisturizing, you have to apply concealer on the dark circles and blemishes. Whether you use your finger or a concealer brush, make sure it is clean enough. Mix it and blend it such that it blends in with your skin, looking natural.

After applying concealer, the next step is to cover it up with foundation. You can either use a foundation to layer on your concealer or even pressed powder if your face is oily. However, skip applying pressed powder if you are using a concealer that has a matte finish.

What all can I use a concealer for?

A lot of people believe concealers are just for dark circles. If not forever, initially, most of us would have known only one use of concealers. However, the good news is that you can use a concealer in various other ways. Let’s take a look at what these ways can be:

  • If your eyelashes are not as thick and voluminous as you would like them to be, you can use concealer. All you to do is apply concealer to your eyelashes first. After applying concealer, apply your mascara. Applying concealer before mascara would add extra volume to your lashes.
  • If you are running out of foundation, no worries, you can get some help with your concealer there. You can’t always step out and buy a foundation when it is an emergency. If you have the concealer in your vanity kit, your job is done without having to hit the store. Mix a bit of concealer with your moisturizer, and you can use it as a foundation.
  • Many people struggle with drawing, painting, and highlighting their eyebrows perfectly. Here, concealer can help you with a hundred percent perfection. After you define the shape of your eyebrows, you can use a brush to apply concealer. With a thin brush, apply it to the edge of the eyebrows and blend the concealer such that the eyebrow line looks clean and in a perfect line.
  • Another understated use of a concealer is for the lips. It might seem like a bizarre idea to cover your lips with something that would make the lips look pale. However, if you want your lips to look perfect, this is a great idea. When you coat your lips with concealer before applying lipstick, your lips become the color of your skin. This means the color of the lipstick would show even better. This is a preference based trick. If you can take layers on your lips, this would work well. However, if you would instead want a natural look, skip this trick.
  • Isn’t it tough to save your eyeshadow from smudging and disappearing too soon? You can deal with this issue using a concealer. Before you go on with eyeshadow, coat your eyelid with concealer. After that, you can apply eyeshadow to your eyelid. The concealer layer helps in holding the eyeshadow to your eyelids for more extended hours.
  • Concealers are not just for the face. Since ages celebrities have been using concealers for different body parts. If celebrities don’t, why should you shy away from using them? If your collar bones are not very well defined, you can use concealer to make them look well defined and well chiseled. For this, you would need a couple of concealers, one of a light shade and the other one of a darker shade. Use the dark shade for the outlining of the collar bones. Fill up the center portion of the collarbone with a lighter shade. After that, blend it all, and you are done.

Does concealer go on before or after foundation?

The question “does concealer go on before or after foundation” is just as mind-boggling as “did the hen come first or the egg?” You’d find people with two conflicting opinions, never putting an end to the debate. It is pretty much the same in this case. Many would say foundation comes first and many would say concealer does. The truth of the matter is that both work well. It is all up to how you would prefer it to be. Instead of believing what others say, try both ways and figure out what your preference is. Whether you would apply foundation first or the concealer comes down to the feel factor.

Many people apply concealer first because otherwise, the concealer feels cakey. Still, others would want to use a concealer on a foundation to give a final perfect touch. There is no right or wrong here. You do what you feel comfortable doing.

However, there is just one instance where there’s a set rule. If you use powdered foundation, you have to use the concealer first. This idea is quite logical to buy. People use a powdered foundation if they have oily skin. If you layer your foundation with concealer, the purpose would be defeated.

Can I use concealer without foundation?

Pretty much like, does concealer go on before or after foundation, this too is a subjective question. Foundation is used to give your face a complete even look. However, if you are confident enough to skip applying foundation, you can rock it. Everything makes sense if you feel comfortable and confident. Many people don’t use concealer, and a lot would use concealer without foundation. If you are not a big fan of foundation and yet want light coverage, you can consider BB creams. BB creams serve as an excellent alternative for foundations. If you are one of those people who feel like foundations are a dense layer on the face, BB creams are for you. However, this does not mean you HAVE to or MUST use a BB cream. You can apply, or you can skip based on how your skin feels to you.

Are there animal friendly concealers?

Most people who are vegetarians or vegans don’t know or realize that various cosmetic products are not animal-friendly. Certain products are tested on animals and pose harm and cause pain to animals in the process. Any vegan and even the majority of women would not want to use such products. Concealers are no exception. Many brands sell amazing concealers that are tested on animals. However, if you are very particular about cruelty-free products, you should check what concealer you are using too. To make sure you are only using concealers that are cruelty-free, go through the list we have mentioned below in Does Concealer Go on Before or After Foundation.

  1. OCC Skin: Conceal
  2. Kat Von D Lock- It Concealer Creme
  3. Physician’s Formula Conceal RX
  4. Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Full Cover Concealer
  5. Wet N Wild Photo Focus Concealer
  6. Shea Moisture Creme Concealer
  7. Pacifica Transcendent Concentrated Concealer
  8. Cargo HD Picture Perfect Concealer
  9. 100% Pure 2nd Skin Concealer
  10. Cover FX Cream Concealer
  11. e.l.f HD Lifting Concealer

These are the answers to common questions, like “Does concealer go on before or after foundation?” While we can answer your queries in words, it still takes some experience to find out for yourself. So, grab all the concealers that you would want to use and with a handful of tutorials, go on. You’d yourself be able to crack questions, like “does concealer go on before or after foundation” and find what works best for you. Most makeup tricks come in parts in the form of knowledge and experiment. It is always trial and error. Not every trick that a beauty guru follows would fit you. And not every trick that you follow would work for others. So, with what you know, start the task and try knowing more about what would look good on your face. Hope you got the answer to Does Concealer Go on Before or After Foundation.



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