How to use concealers

How to Use Concealer – Now what is that?

For beginners or someone who is unaware of beauty products, this term might sound new.  If that’s the case, here is what it means- Concealers are beauty products that were first launched by Max Factor in his Erace series of beauty products in 1954. It was a revolution in the world of beauty products. Concealers are used either to correct skin tones or to hide blemishes, i.e., concealer for dry skin and dark circles. They also have various other beauty hacks that are very important for people. Concealers are mainly of three types: Liquid, cream, stick, and to apply them you need to know how to use concealers.

Liquid concealers are super-easy and comfortable to use for beginners as it doesn’t cake up and is available in all ranges from light to full. It is a win-win if you have an average skin tone, acne-prone skin, or the combination of both.

Cream concealer is for the ones with dry skin, and it has a disadvantage of creasing.

Stick concealers are for the ones with dry and healthy skin, and it is reported to clog pores for oily and combination skin.

Isn’t it amazing to have concealers for different skin beauties and the following article will deal with stick concealers?

However, there are various uses of concealers and are named accordingly. They are used as correctors, under-eye concealer, yellow-toned concealer, body concealer, heavy-duty concealers.

Starting with the basics – How to use concealers?

Now that you got your desired stick concealer, what is the use if you do not know how to use concealers? This section will show you a few hacks and ways, and direct you to how to use concealers.

How to use concealers – Step by step process:

  1. You should first determine the problem you want to focus on, like pimples and find your undertone and choose their shade.
  2. Choose desired concealer and the suitable brush to use for concealer. (stick or liquid or cream).
  3. You should begin with moisturizer or sun-screen before starting the makeup.
  4. First, you should begin with concealing the area below their eyes by drawing an inverted triangle under both eyes. Never dot it as it will be visible in photographs. Remember, don’t run it around eyes as it tends to get damaged.
  5. Apply concealer to acne and spots. You should make sure that they don’t use fingers to run over them to blend as it may worsen the condition as bacteria will spread. To look natural, one can set concealer with powder.
  6. After completing the above steps, you should apply foundation. One shouldn’t forget to add more powder in concealed places so that it won’t get spoiled for the rest of the day.


How to use a stick concealer – Tips:

How to use concealers

1. Creating fuller lips

Why spend thousands of dollars like Jenners and Kardashians when you can get the same with the help of stick concealer. How to do it? Just dot the concealer on top, through the middle and to the bottom lip and gently blend it. Voila! There you have it.

2. Tidying eyebrows

Unkempt eyebrows and you are getting late to work or party? Worry not, stick concealer is there for your rescue. How to apply stick concealer accordingly? Just dot it under your eyebrows and blend it in a way it hides the hair as well as it matches your skin tone.

3. Uneven skin tone

After choosing a right shade of concealer, draw upside down triangles that you did in your first grade, on your face, i.e., under both eyes and around the nose. Now admire the result!

4. Eyeliner game so strong

Remember the days you ask people around you to wear a neat line of winged liner and they either mess it up, or you won’t be able to wear it with no mess? Gone are those days and now with stick concealer, it is easy-peezy. How to use concealers accordingly, then? Just swipe an angled brush over the top of concealer stick to sharpen your winged liner!

5. Contouring? How to apply stick concealer accordingly?

After picking two/three shades darker/lighter than your current skin tone, concentrate on areas like hairline, areas under cheekbones, beneath the nose, and highlight, and blend with those that are two or three lighter than skin tone.

6. Wanting that glow? You should know how to use and apply that stick

Just dot your usual liquid highlighter over the areas you concealed with your concealer stick, and this will neutralize and make your skin pop and glow, and all you got to do is to flaunt now.

Now that you know how to use stick concealer and how to use concealers, aren’t you interested to know how to choose the right concealer for Brown Skin Tone? The following will deal with the same.

Tests to determine your undertone:

Everyone in their lifetime would have come across a situation where they might think that the product they buy would look amazing on them. However, it ends up as a disaster. So, how to find the right shades for you? The following test will determine your undertone and choose dresses accordingly to save significant embarrassments and heartbreaks.

Generally, undertones are warm, cool, and neutral. The following tests will show which undertone you do have. Before these tests, one has to make sure that face is free of make-up. For a more precise result, wear white clothing as it will show your tone accurately and would not flatter your eyes as other colors do. Also, preferably, stand under natural light for an accurate and precise test result.

Test 1: Vein test – Take an in-depth look at the veins in your wrist.

Green? Warm skin tone due to yellow undertones.

Blue? Cool skin tone due to pink undertones.

Trouble telling? Neutral.

Test 2: Ear test – Bend your ear forward and ask anyone to check the crease.

Pink? Cool undertone.

Yellow? Warm undertone.

Trouble telling? Neutral.

Test 3: Burn or tan test.

Spend some time under the sun.

Tanned? Warm undertone.

Burnt or turned pink? Cool undertone.

Generally, people living near the equator have warm skin undertone due to yellowish cast on skin. However, those with pale skin have a pink undertone and sometimes, yellow undertone. Moreover, those with a dark complexion have yellow or red undertones (yellow falls in the lighter end, and red falls in the darker end).

There are certain keywords one should concentrate. For example, words like beige, tan, caramel, chestnut represents warm undertone, and words like porcelain, rose, sable, cocoa indicate cool undertones. Besides, terms like ivory, buff, nude and praline indicate neutral undertones. Preferably, one should go for one or two shades lighter than one’s skin tone to neutralize dark areas. Choose a shade that is predominant in neck, face, and décolletage as they tend to vary in shades due to the varying amount of exposure to sunlight.

There are also other factors you should consider before choosing a concealer. The following enlists the same:

ConcernPreferable shade
Dark CirclesWarm. To avoid patches of white circles around the face. For example, Cover your Blue-tinged and purplish dark circles with shades of orange to yellow. Also, you can use peach, salmon or orange-based concealer for brownish dark circles.
Blemishes/red spots.Green. Any reddish marks covered by green.
Sun damage/frecklesOrange and peach color range.
PimplesThick and dry, consistent concealers.


Vegan products? Yes, please!

If one surfs the internet, he/she would be shocked to know that most beauty products are not vegan. Most of the times, people forget that one should never harm animals to show off their beauty. One may wonder how to find a vegan product in an ocean of beauty products. One of the few hacks is to check for the sign saying “cruelty-free.” You should also avoid products that are made of gluten as these are rubbed on eyes of animals or injected into their body to test the products.

The following consists of a list of brands that provide beauty products including

    1. Lotus herbals– Founded in 1993 by Kamal Passi, this brand is conscious on providing every possible product of theirs ranging from eyeliners to eyeshadows though their famous product is Sunscreen.
    1. Shahnaz Husain– This PETA approved brand consists of products that are free from animal fat, fungal free and environment-friendly.
    1. Coloressence– This pocket-friendly brand is a favorite of every college-goers and is favorite of people who strive for actions against animal cruelty as it is Hundred per-cent vegetarian.
    1. Colorbar was once recognized as so but now since it was found out that they aren’t vegan products anymore, they were removed from the list.
    1. Iba Halal– This brand consists of essential makeup products and is the first company which was certified as safe and pure as they are entirely devoid of animal and animal-related substances like keratin, gelatin, collagen.
    1. Soultree– With an appealing name like that, the products of this brand are completely made from organic farming and are absolutely free from lead, dyes, artificial colors, petrochemical carbon, and animal fat carbon.
    1. Ruby’s organic– With name so-next-door-like, this Indian product is completely organic. They’re made by infusing natural clays, butter, and bio-active oils. Also, they are free from paraben.
    1. Blue heaven cosmetics -Started by two brothers in 1974, this brand is not only pocket-friendly but also skin-friendly and they’re cent-per-cent cruelty-free.

Above mentioned are few of the vast range of vegan and cruelty-free products that no one should miss out. Also, on the safer side, it is recommended to do proper research and get on-the-mouth reviews from people to check if it is suitable for one’s skin type.


Choosing a right concealer can be tricky and knowing how to use concealers is also hard. However, once one understands their undertone and focus on the issue they want to cover using concealer, they can choose the appropriate one after proper research. Besides, one should buy after testing the product as the products we see with eyes tend to deceive due to the presence of lighting in shops or due to the editing of photographs in shopping sites. Right investment in the right products can be a boon. Else, a disaster. Also, one should never forget to choose vegan products for a proper economic sustainability.