Concealer Before or after Foundation Experts View

You may have many makeup related questions, but the most basic question is- Does concealer go on before foundation? Cosmetics are there for a reason, to enhance your appearance. The desire to stay young and attractive gave rise to cosmetics like foundation and concealer. Unfortunately, it’s challenging to cope with these trends, especially if you’re a beginner to the art of makeup application.

When women use cosmetics, people begin to pay attention. When they start to pay attention and listen to you, you become more confident. As that confidence grows, so does the respect you receive at home and work. You will surely become self-assured, daring and courageous. You will begin to feel invincible even television celebrity like Tyra Banks said, “I love the confidence that makeup gives me.” To successfully enhance your look, you have to first understand the difference between concealer and foundation before determining- does concealer go on before foundation. Here are some answers.

Does concealer go on before foundation

What is concealer?    

Concealer is used to hide large pores, dark circles, and small blemishes; it’s thicker compared to foundation. There are many concealers available in the market these days, to purchase the right one, it’s important that you know your skin type and the type of concealer variants that are available. The type of concealer that suits you will depend on how you want to use it. If you are hiding a pimple, you should use a pigment-heavy concealer. For dark circles, you need a light concealer that also hydrates your skin.

What are the types of concealer?    

Before discussing, does concealer go on before foundation, you need to know the different types of concealers. Here are the different types of concealers:

Liquid concealerdoes concealer go on before foundation

Perhaps this is one of the most common types because of its availability. It’s perfect for most skin types, and it has a matte, satin, and shimmery finish. If you want something that lasts longer, choose matte; but if you want a more natural look, consider a satin finish.

Cream concealerdoes concealer go on before foundation

Cream concealer is best for normal and dry skin types. There’s satin or creamy finish available in the market. The consistency is thick; which makes it best for severe discolorations, especially under the eyes.

Stick concealerdoes concealer go on before foundation

This type of concealer is recommended for dry skin. There’s satin or matte finish available for you. Stick concealer is distinctly solid and rich in pigment like lipsticks.

Pencil concealerdoes concealer go on before foundation

If it has small coverage, you will wonder does concealer go on before foundation? This concealer will only cover minor blemishes. You can use this to highlight your eye’s inner corners.

Pen concealersdoes concealer go on before foundation

This is also for light coverage; but what is distinct about it, is the brush application. Pen concealers are mostly luminous – it can reflect light. This is good for your eyes.

Cream to powder concealerdoes concealer go on before foundation

This type of concealer is easy to apply because it glides across the skin.

What is foundation?  

Foundation can also cover imperfections by providing an even skin tone. Foundation can provide a golden tan or light appearance; these days Foundation products are more than cover-ups. They now contain different components like moisturizer and SPF.

What are the types of foundation?   

Before discussing does concealer go on before foundation, it’s crucial that you also know the different types of foundation. Here are the most popular kinds of foundation:

Liquid foundation

Liquid foundation is the most popular because it’s easy to apply and is readily available. Depending on the ingredients that are used, the coverage may vary; it’s mostly recommended for dry skin.

Tinted moisturizer

If you want a light foundation with moisturizing benefits, this is the right one for you.

Cream foundation

This is recommended for mature and dry skin. If you have oily skin, do not consider this because it has heavy coverage.

Mousse foundation

Mousse is relatively new, but it doesn’t mean it’s inferior to its predecessors. It’s air whipped liquid makeup, because of its unique formula its smoother and lighter and is suitable for most skin types.

Stick foundation

This is considered the heaviest of them all. If it is too thick, there is a tendency that the pores will clog resulting in breakouts and blemishes.

Mineral foundation

This is a favorite for most girls because it can be applied wet or dry to change its consistency. This is best for touch-ups; minerals are best for those who have allergies or sensitive skin because it has limited ingredients.

Does concealer go on before foundation?

Now that you know the difference between concealer and foundation, the next issue is determining- do you apply concealer or foundation first? There is much confusion going on here, but you shouldn’t be bothered. So, does concealer go on before foundation? Although these two products are similar, each has a role to play to enhance your look.

The first step is applying a primer. Primer is essential as it sets the skin. The next step is applying foundation; so, this means that the concealer is the final step. There are makeup artists that are strict about the procedure, but in general, it depends on how you create your makeup base. In essence, between concealer vs. foundation, anything could come first.

The next time you are asked what comes first concealer or foundation, you can confidently answer that it depends on your makeup base. Remember that either of the steps will work great, as long as, you are comfortable and satisfied with your look. It comes down to your personal preference, so the question- “Does concealer go on before foundation?” – is not something to stress over.

How to apply foundation and concealer?    

You know the answer to, do you apply concealer or foundation first? You have to establish your order, so you don’t get confused. If you want to follow most women, they will put foundation on before concealer. Here’s how:

To apply foundation

Skin must first be hydrated. If you have a face mist, it would be better. If you don’t, you should apply a moisturizer. Apply a pea-sized amount of foundation then blend using a foundation brush. Start by applying short strokes beginning from the center of the face, with sweeping motions downwards and outwards. Just be sure that the color blends past the jawline down to the neck.

To apply concealer

In this case, the answer to- does concealer go on before foundation? – is no. Start by securing a small but stiff-bristled brush or mini sponge. Put concealer under your eyes. Choose a shade that is two tones lighter than your foundation. Under the eyes draw a triangular shape with the base facing the eyes and the tip facing the cheeks and blend evenly. To make it last longer, you can apply loose setting powder.

Which types work best together?    

When you choose foundation and concealer, you have to pick the same variants. You must match consistencies for an even and seamless blend. For example, if you use a liquid foundation, it’s only right to use liquid concealer.

Other makeup queries  

After discussing, “Does concealer go on before foundation?”- it’s time that you ask other questions like:

What are color correctors?

These are concealers that tackle different skin problems. The correctors have different shades that are best in concealing specific issues. It’s crucial that you understand the color wheel because it can be a total game changer.

What are the types of color correctors?

In the past, color correctors were only available in skin tone shades. These days you have many choices like Pale pink correctors will tackle blue-toned spots on the fair skin. The peach corrector, on the other hand, will neutralize blue or purple shadows on wheat skin tones. The orange corrector will cancel dark spots on dusky skin tones. Yellow will conceal purple or dark shadows on tan or olive skin shades. Green will camouflage the redness of your skin and lavender will cancel out yellow tones.

What are the types of coverage?

You should know that there are different types of coverage after determining does concealer go on before foundation? It can be sheer, medium and full; if you want lightweight, choose sheer. If you want to opt for coverage because you noticed redness or few blemishes, choose medium coverage. For a full face of makeup, choose full coverage.

How to choose the right shade?

If you are between shades and you cannot decide, the best method is to conduct a three-swipe test. Swipe three shades along your cheek or jawline and see which one is perfect for your skin tone.


When determining, does concealer go on before foundation, you should base it on your skin type. If your skin is oily and acne-prone, you have to look for foundation or concealer with an oil-free formula. If your skin is dry or brown skin and doesn’t break out, look for oil-based foundation or concealer; the easiest way to do so is by reading the ingredients list. Looking good can be easy when done the right way. Hopefully, the above article has answered all your queries to, “Does concealer go on before foundation?”