Lakme dark skin foundation

Finding your perfect cosmetic match can be easy when you know about the best foundation for dark skin in Lakme along with other popular products. Looking for the best shade of foundation is a hard task, especially, if you’re a makeup novice. Having a darker skin tone can be challenging when it comes to picking the right cosmetics, especially foundation products. The correct foundation shade can make your skin look more amazing because the product will effortlessly blend into your skin.

How to Choose the Best Foundation for Dark Skin in Lakme And Other Popular Products:

Foundation is skin-colored makeup that is applied to even out and uniform the overall complexion of your skin. It’s very efficient in covering light blemishes and flaws. Knowing what to look out for can make your foundation shopping expedition much easier. You can’t just pick a product without knowing what it can do to your skin. It doesn’t matter if you are fair or dusky, you must be careful when choosing a foundation for daily use.

Choosing a Product Based On Skin Tone:

There are many foundations for dark skin in Lakme and other popular products in the market these days. Choosing the only one can be quite daunting since you’ll be using this product on a regular basis. Any brand will use keywords to help you identify the best classification of products, depending on your skin tone.

  • Golden. When you have a golden skin tone, it’s dusky and with a warm golden glow.
  • Chestnut. Women with chestnut skin tone have a woody and reddish-brown hue.
  • Espresso. The espresso skin tone has a deep rich-chocolate shade.

Know Your Skin Type:

If you know your skin type, it’ll help you decide how to take better care of your skin. This will also be one of the factors to consider when choosing makeup products like foundation.

Normal Skin

Normal” is the term used for well-balanced, healthy skin type. If you have healthy skin, you’re blessed. The normal skin type won’t need too much product to cover any blemishes. If you don’t need much coverage, you can opt for a shade that can give you light coverage, enough to match and even out your skin tone.

Dry Skin

“Dry” describes a skin type that produces less amount of sebum compared to the normal skin type. This will result in a dry texture; dry skin needs lipids, to retain moisture and also build a protective layer. For dry skin type, this will require constant hydration. You have to choose a foundation that has moisturizing properties in a cream or liquid form.

Oily Skin

Oily” is the term used when your skin has an extreme production of sebum. This process is called seborrhea; for this skin type pick a foundation that can help control the oil production in your skin. Matte finish foundation is the most recommended; most likely in mousse form, which is the perfect choice for this skin type.

Combination Skin

As its name suggests, this skin type has a mix of all the skin types listed above. Some parts are normal, and other parts are oily and dry. Like oily skin, a foundation that has an oil-control formulation with moisturizing components is preferred.

Sensitive Skin

When you have sensitive skin, it requires extra care. You can’t just use any product that you see in the drugstore. You need to stay away from products that have certain ingredients which can affect and irritate your skin in a severe manner. For this skin type, a powder foundation is preferred since it doesn’t seep into the skin and cause any allergic reactions.

The Undertone Is Important!

Choosing the correct undertone for your foundation is very important. This is where most women commit a common mistake. Remember that cosmetic products like foundation have different undertones. If you don’t know what your undertone is, hold out your inner wrist and elbows under the sunlight to determine the color of your veins. You may have the same skin color as others, but you can have different undertones.

  • Warm or Yellow Undertone. This is when your veins appear green. For this undertone, you need a foundation for dark skin in Lakme and other popular products, that have a yellow base to it. Foundations for warm undertones will usually be labeled as “Yellow” or “Warm.”
  • Cool or Pink Undertone. This is when your veins show a blue hue. You have to choose a foundation that has a pink or blue base to it. They will usually be labeled as “Cool” or “Ivory.”
  • Neautral. If you have this undertone, your veins under the sunlight will appear as a mix of green and blue. Choose the foundation that has “Neutral,” “Natural,” or “Classic” names on it.

Learn More About Foundation Formulation:

Foundations have different formulations for you to choose from, depending on your preference. Choose the foundation for dark skin in Lakme and other popular products carefully, ensure that they will be perfect for your skin type.

  • Liquid for dark skin in Lakme This is ideal for individuals who have more time to spend blending the product into their skin. You can apply this product using a flat brush for better results.
  • Powder for dark skin in Lakme This is the best foundation for everyday use. If you are going for a “no makeup” look, this is the best base that you can pick. You can apply this product using a kabuki brush for a smoother result.
  • Mousse for dark skin in Lakme If you want good coverage but are looking for a matte finish, this is the best choice for you. This foundation is highly recommended for oily/combination skin types.
  • Cake for dark skin in Lakme This foundation is one of the easiest to find and is ideal for full coverage. This is suited for individuals who want to control oily skin; you can dab this on your skin using your fingers and blend it evenly using a beauty blender.

Choosing Based on Foundation Coverage:

Different foundation types and brands will give you different coverage. There are three different coverage types for you to choose from when looking for a foundation for dark skin in Lakme.

  • Light. For everyday use or office wear, light coverage is recommended. This is why you can always find a “natural makeup look” tutorial online. This look is perfect for women in college and work. For this look, you can go for tinted moisturizers, powder foundations, or foundation with sheer coverage.
  • Medium. If you want to conceal imperfections but also steer away from heavy makeup, this is the perfect coverage that you will need. Liquid foundations are the ideal choice for this look. There is plenty of foundation for dark skin in Lakme that can provide you with medium coverage and are perfect for your everyday look.
  • Heavy. Too many pores and dark spots to cover? Don’t worry! A foundation with heavy coverage is perfect for you. Mousse or cake foundation can provide you with the desired result.

End It with A Good Finish:

When looking for a foundation that suits dusky skin tones, it’s essential that you take into consideration the finish that you want to achieve. To help you, here are three types of foundation that are perfect for any skin type:

  • Natural. Alternatively, known as “satin finish,” are Foundations that give you a natural finish; they are the best option for normal to sensitive skin types. This can also help you achieve a fresh, everyday look.
  • Matte. These foundations are ideal for oily to combination skin types, since it has a formulation that can help control oil production; without making you look greasy and untidy.
  • Dewy. This is the recent trend that every woman wants, and a dewy finish is a perfect choice for dry skin textures. It can provide you with a radiant glow and make your skin appear healthy and hydrated.


Foundation makeup is an essential base for every look, and it can enhance your beauty and your facial features. However, if you choose the wrong type of foundation or the wrong shade, you will regret putting on makeup in the first place; so, choose a foundation wisely. Follow the recommendations listed above, and they can help you land the perfect foundation based on your skin type, skin tone, undertone, formulation, coverage, and finish. Always choose the best foundation for dark skin in Lakme along with other popular products.